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Shorty You’re My Angel

Shorty You’re My Angel

Image source Erica Weiner

Every once and awhile (ok, more often then I’d like to admit), I come across an accessory or clothing item that I absolutely have to have. Sure, some of them are necessities (cough, cough) — like the time I really needed those bright pink Kate Spade jeans or Simple 85 Christian Louboutin pumps — but then there are other items that I don’t necessarily need but damn, do I want.

Perfect example: Erica Weiner’s Heartbeats Necklace. These hand stamped heart pendants come adorned with your favorite song lyrics (choose from pre-selected Fleetwood Mac or Led Zeppelin jams or hip hop classics from Shaggy or Snoop Dogg) or add your own lyrics on the designer’s Sweetheart Necklace.

Cute ideas: get a lyric from your wedding song hand-stamped on the heart OR put a line from your favorite quote. Create multiple necklaces and layer them for a more fashion forward look. For those of us who love music as much as they love shopping and accessories, this is a harmonious (pun intended) marriage of the two.

If you’ve got your “mind on your money and your money on your mind” — have no fear. These necklaces start at $60 and won’t break the bank; are there any four words sweeter to hear when describing things we simply want?!

Posted by Alyssa