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Show Us Your O-Face, Mr. President

Show Us Your O-Face, Mr. President

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Earlier this year, conducted its 2nd annual Singles in America survey, taking a comprehensive look at the lifestyles, attitudes, and ideals of 6,000 singles aged 21+ across the country. While it seems that every other study out there contradicts the one before it, the results in this case are pretty entertaining, albeit not really groundbreaking. Not only do we learn women hate bad sex (no kidding?!), but it turns out that ambition is a turn-on (wow!), and we get pickier the older we get (go figure!).

Probably the most intriguing finding here is that Republicans reported the highest frequency of orgasm of all survey participants…yet also copped to having the least amount of sex. Over 50% of self-identified conservative Republicans admitted — anonymously & online — to reaching climax almost every time they had sex, while just 40% of liberal Democrats said the same.

With this being an election year, I can’t help but wonder what those running for office might think about this. On the one hand, a sexually satisfied president could make for an efficient one (hey, Clinton did ok)…on the other, maybe the reason our country is so totally screwed — no pun intended — is ‘cause Bush spent too much time in his wife’s. (Wait..what? Oh, yes, we di-id…)

That being said, this is just a singles survey…

Posted by Haley