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Life can be stressful, and I am really great at making it more so. (What can I say? It’s a gift.) For example, yes, I needed to sweep and tidy up my apartment before my soon-to-be Mother in Law came over, but was 15 minutes prior to her arrival really the best time to attempt cleaning my floorboards with a weird combo of apple cider vinegar and dryer sheets? And sure, I committed to putting dinner on the table last Tuesday, but was it truly wise to opt to long-braise something when I get out of work at 6:05 at best? I opted to “squeeze in” a quick beer with a college friend prior to grabbing dinner with a high school chum with the very best of intentions, but all that’s for naught when the college friend shows up late, the T gets stuck, and my heartrate skyrockets as I picture my BFF from 10th grade left playing Candy Crush and defending our table from the increasingly vulture-esque hostess.

I like to think that one day, probably when I’m 40 because that’s when Oprah said it would happen, I will have an “Aha!” moment where I look back on my twenties as a silly time when I killed myself over silly things that could never even begin to matter in the long run. The only thing that truly matters is being kind to yourself and others and making the best of the here and now. This is all the more important, wise, 40-year-old me will think to herself as she completes perfectly imperfect Sun Salutations at 5:15AM, because not everyone gets a “long run.” (And then, if all goes according to plan, I’ll give everyone in my studio audience a car, because that is how NBC has taught me “Aha!” ™ moments work, y’all.)

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Like it or not, my “Aha!”™ moment level of serenity is still a ways off, and I’m going to need a coping method that suits my silly twenty-something self to use in the interim. Thankfully, there’s a Buzzfeed article for that. Behold, a curated selection of “21 GIFs That Will Calm You the F*ck Down.”

So feast your eyes, drop the apple cider vinegar and back they heck away from the baseboards. It’s serenity time. Namaste, bitches.

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