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Sanitizer Slinger

Sanitizer Slinger

I’m the first to admit it: I was a bad(ass) child. I put my parents through the ringer on many occasions, but it was for normal stuff, like stealing booze, getting suspended from school, smoking pot, kleptomania, etc. Gen Z, or whatever letter we’re on these days, have seriously stepped up their game.

According to, the latest tween trend is getting drunk off hand sanitizer. Either parents have gotten stricter, or kids just more idiotic (or maybe brilliant is the right term? I’m not really sure…). How on earth did these children figure out they could get drunk off Purell??

Some brainiacs in California have taken their chem skills to the streets and distilled (yes, distilled!) hand sanitizer into moonshine. Apparently, you can easily figure out how to turn your favorite germ-killing-gel into 120-proof alcohol on the World Wide Web, however after five pages of googling, I got bored and gave up. Then I happen to stumble upon this LA Times article which explained how to do it. Really?

If I had to choose between a tampon ‘tini and a sanitizer slinger, I’d pick that bottle of vermouth I stole when I was 14, hands down. It seems like Gen Z parents need to get their shit together and stop breeding with other baby boomers and producing all these “entrepreneurs.”

Posted by Hannah

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