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Single and Ready to Mingle…with the Unemployed

Single and Ready to Mingle…with the Unemployed

It’s pretty universal that the number one turn-off in a guy = unemployment. Off the bat, there seems to be no point in dating a loser without a job. But is that still the case? Would you not date a guy because he was a victim of this economy?

Young professionals are now changing their priorities slightly in order to find love in midst of the layoffs. Not to say it isn’t still important, but women are becoming more understanding. The bigger issue is seeing that there is still a drive and motivation in your main squeeze to get back out there, even if that means taking a pay cut. And hey—think of the upside: it’s the perfect time for these bachelors to explore their love of cooking or beer brewing or…dare say —laundry— that the 9-5er just didn’t have time for.

But will women be more understanding when it comes times to pick up the bill? My guess is no. And if that is the case ladies, don’t expect your first date to be at L’Espalier. Instead, why not pack a picnic and enjoy the summer weather we finally have. Or find your inner feminist and *gasp* offer to pay for yourself.

So, the point of my ramblings:  If you do find a hunk that has fallen victim to the economic turndown, don’t turn him down so fast. He just may be worth waiting out the recession for.

Posted by Daisy