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Singles and Sun Salutations

Singles and Sun Salutations

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In an era when’s “1 in 5 relationships” claim seems low and Facebook messaging is the new bar chatter, no matchmaking technique should come as a shock. From animal-lover-only dating sites to speed-dating for burrito buffs (an mm/c-approved method!), singles are more willing than ever to push aside their comfort zones and put themselves out there for love.

But the latest fad in matchmaking is more about swapping Namastes than numbers. Singles Yoga is the hottest (literally) matchmaking system on the market for fitness buffs and athlete-seekers alike. Typical classes include an awkward 15-30 minute introduction period, one hour of beginners yoga (partner exercises included, of course) and 30 minutes of mixing and mingling with fellow yogis. The Hairpin’s Smiley Poswolsky reports on a recent class where closing exercises included sharing favorite make out songs (think: Stevie Wonder, DMB and Bon Iver).

According to The Hairpin, sessions start with a calming introduction: “Let’s all take a deep breath. Open your eyes, take a look around the room. Everyone is single here. Notice the others in the room. Now close your eyes and take another deep breath.” I can see it now. Inhale sexual tension, exhale pre-date jitters. Inhale your neighbor’s strategically applied perfume, exhale the memory of your ex-girlfriend’s…

The thought is good, but this seems like one of those “You think you look like this but you really look like this” situations. It could get ugly fast. And I’m willing to bet some big bucks that my soaked and flustered appearance after hot yoga could scare away my serious boyfriend, so the sweaty, 95 degree room might not be the very best backdrop for finding love.

Whatever floats your Bikram-loving boat, I guess!

Posted by Mary