Six Apps To Cure Loneliness?

If you are one of those people who can’t bear the thought of being alone, keep reading…

I recently came across an interesting article 6 Travel Apps for People Who Trust Strangers and pretty much learned six ways to be abducted or add a couple of “remember that one time…” stories to your list  (you make your own choice on this one).

The first app: Overnight

This app is described as “the Airbnb for spontaneous (and trusting) people,” (or people who need a psych eval). Overnight allows you to drop a pin where you are, write a little message and have a host offer you a place to stay. Luckily, the app is only available in Los Angeles and Austin at present (Bostonians, we’re safe for now). Side note: Their slogan, “In Spontaneity We Trust.”

Image Source Mashable


The next app: Wingman

This app is pretty much Tinder in the sky. You can swipe through people on your flight and — direct quote — “maybe join the mile high club” (enough said).

Image Source Wingman


Next on the list: Findery

Took me a minute to figure this one out, but my impression is that it’s an app that allows you to share a picture or memory by checking in, and anyone who has the app can see said memory.  According to Mashable, Findery “advertises itself as a sort of virtual treasure hunt, using people’s real life experiences as clues along the way.”

Image Source Mashable


Next: Follower

This app is just wrong on so many levels; it allows a complete stranger to follow you around for the day and even allows the person following you to “secretly take pictures of you and then send one to you via the app!” The best part, you have to apply to be followed and answer questions like: Why do you want to be followed? Why should we follow you? What days would you like to be followed? And do you have a death wish? (Okay, okay I added the last one).  If you want a laugh, watch the video on their homepage. Three words: Lifetime Movie Trailer


Next up:  Tripwire

Tripwire is an app that allows you to connect with other travel junkies and find the best places and things to do. Sounds pretty safe, right? Big surprise, it’s not.  Once you connect with someone, you can see their past, present and future paths of travel (sensing the horror movie theme here?).

Image Source Mashable

And last, and maybe the creepiest: Winston Club

Winston Club is pretty much an app that allows you to share your hotel room with a complete stranger!  Really nothing much else to say…


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