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Sluts, Take a Walk

Sluts, Take a Walk

On January 24th, Toronto’s York University hosted a safety forum for a group of about 10 with local police in attendance. Sounds smart enough, except for the fact that one of the officers, Const. Michael Sanguinetti, had this to say:

I’ve been told I’m not supposed to say this, however, women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.

Well, Sanguinetti, aren’t you a huge, unintelligent prick!

Unfortunately, the general belief that a victim of sexual assault may be “asking for it” based upon her clothing is nothing new. Whether in court or public opinion, a culture of rape as the victim’s fault seemingly prevails. Rapists are viewed as being at the mercy of a woman’s overt sexuality. Hell, tight jeans are used as legitimate defense strategies in courts around the world, and recently, a Chicago Sun-Times columnist dare went so far as to say “I am beginning to get the feeling that Ms. Rihanna ain’t so innocent and just may have (like it has been rumored) instigated that Chris Brown beat down,” referring to lyrics in two of her hit singles (“Love the Way you Lie” and “S&M”).

This notion, paired with Constable Cuckoo’s comments, inspired Toronto friends Heather Jarvis, 25, and Sonya Barnett, 38 to found SlutWalk Toronto. The walk, which took place on April 3rd, attracted over 3,000 in support of breaking down what society seemingly teaches: “Don’t get raped,” not “don’t rape.”

Now, cities around the world have been working to promote their own SlutWalks locally. On May 7th at 12pm, Government Center will serve as the starting point for Boston’s walk, which already has almost 2,000 confirmed attendees.

Girls, get your garters out.

Posted by Haley

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