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Small But Certain Happiness

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Small But Certain Happiness

Image Source: New York Post 

“Anxious South Korean youngsters have lost hope in their futures and don’t want to get married — and that’s unexpectedly fueling the country’s $2.5 billion air-fragrance industry” is the Business Insider article that first introduced me to the concept of “small but certain happiness” or “소확행,” which was originally introduced by world-renowned Japanese writer Haruki Murakami.

Turns out the concept, which the article ties back to hard economic times during which people can’t afford a house so instead buy luxury fragrances, is something that we can all apply to our lives in different ways. It lead me to think — what are my small but certain happinesses? I decided to make a list, because I’ve been told gratefulness changes everything, and while, like the younger generation in South Korea, I can’t afford a house or a wedding, I can certainly afford a glass of wine or a bottle of perfume. Below are a few of the things that bring me “소확행.”

  1. Espresso in the morning
  2. Face masks before bed
  3. Walking to the train after work
  4. A glass of wine outside with friends in the sun
  5. The final spritz of perfume before I leave the house

So, readers, what are yours?

Posted by Giana