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Are You Smarter Than a 5-Year-Old? Probably Not…

Are You Smarter Than a 5-Year-Old? Probably Not…

Two weeks ago, everyone’s favorite bright-eyed, vest-wearing comedienne invited a child genius onto her show to make all of us look bad. Thanks for the confidence boost, DeGeneres – love you, too.

Ellen had the cutest little tyke, Nate Seltzer from Connecticut, on her show to display his prowess when it comes to Antarctica, Australia and LITERALLY EVERYTHING in between. The geographical savant casually (and ever so proudly) showed off hand-drawn maps he’d made and correctly identified countries by their flags and shape, all while on national television. And he’s five, he’s five! There’s being gifted when it comes to latitude and longitude, and then there’s whatever this is. Wow.

Side-note confession: prior to viewing this interview, I had never heard of Chad, a landlocked country in Central Africa. But it’s all good; judging by Ellen’s reaction, she hadn’t either, so  I’m in good company.

Watch below to see this wonder kid in action. A particularly priceless moment comes courtesy of Ellen asking Nate “What’s that on top of Russia?” when analyzing his artistic map. The preschooler, unfazed by the bright lights and cameras, pauses for emphasis then answers…. “Trump!” Needless to say that garners an uproarious reaction and applause, upon which the pint-sized expert takes a little bow:

So, the kid is brilliant when it comes to the globes, atlases, current affairs and politics – where does it end? We’re all getting schooled right now….


Posted by Ilana