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Smell Ya Later?

Smell Ya Later?

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Here at mm/c we’re all about what’s trending. Nail trends, hair trends, cocktail trends, movie trends, you name it, it’s on our radar. Even if it’s not pretty.

Social trends are no exception. We’re always down to mingle, so when the Associated Press reported the latest on our nation’s party scene, we were all ears. Or should we say all noses?

According to AP writer Amy Taxin, pheromone parties (we’re talking the scratch ‘n sniff of the speed-dating sector) are all the rage in the dating scene. That’s right, move over, bachelors are turning to a new source to find love: their nostrils.

To meet your match at one of these shindigs, minglers bring a bagged t-shirt they slept in for three nights and then stored in the freezer (to preserve their natural aroma) and lend a whiff to potential suitors, who unveil their own sleepy scent in return.

Um, hello? What if it’s a hot summer night and you’re not lucky enough to have AC? Talk about a bad first impression.

While you won’t find me at one of these parties any time soon, you better believe that if I’m ever caught dead at a pheromone soirée I’ll be a huge rule-breaker. Spritz a little perfume on one of my cute, just-washed camis and sniff, sniff, I’ve got myself a man!

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