Full of Sh*t

Elephant DungRecent News: Snake venom is in …all the hottest beauty products. That’s right! Several mainstream beauty companies are producing products that contain synthetic snake venom in yet another attempt at discovering the non-existent fountain of youth. The science behind it is that the paralysis caused by snake venom can be relegated to certain facial muscles, akin to a topical Botox treatment. Now this–in addition to last year’s news of Bird Excrement Facials in New York and Demi Moore’s use of leech therapy. Admittedly, there’s been a clannish rise in the number of consumers decreasing or eliminating meat and animal product consumption. But why is that, instead of eating animals, we are just filling our bodies with their sh*t and, furthermore, paying for it??? PETA, this is an instance in which I would expect to hear from you!

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