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Snapchat’s Newest Spectacle

Snapchat’s Newest Spectacle

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Snapchat has been making wAvEs recently with the announcement of Spectacles – a pair of sunglasses built with a camera that can be linked to your smartphone. With the press of a button, you can take real time snaps from these glasses, giving your dedicated followers a first-hand view of your life.

Spectacles, which retail at a cool $130, are now being sold in a truly innovative way – through a yellow machine called a Snapbot (complete with a bunch of cute flying balloons). The Snapbot is a minion-esque dispensing box that will be the only point of purchase for interested buyers over the next few months. The first Snapbot, which just rolled out, can be found on the boardwalk of Venice, CA, but will soon move to a new, still undisclosed, location. Interested parties can check the website to see the most up-to-date locations of where they can cop the latest and greatest in tech through this unique machine.

Kudos to Snapchat for exercising ultimate creativity in this venture, and not only generating buzz, but exclusivity around this new product launch. Even though I personally find these sunglasses to be kind of fugly and pointless, if I knew there was a sole machine in Boston somewhere, I might be tempted to check it out and drop some snap stacks. Bravo!


Posted by Anne.