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Snickers’ Halloween Commercial: Scary or Smart?

Snickers’ Halloween Commercial: Scary or Smart?

Paging the freakishly tall old lady in the candy aisle: get the hell out of that Snickers commercial! Looking to remind shoppers about their treats this trick-or-treating season, the fine folks at Mars rolled out a Halloween-themed Snickers commercial that has gone viral in just days — and with good reason! The creepy ad features a petite mom-type being accosted by a seven-foot tall insane person with an unhealthy love for Snickers (and, not to mention, an uncanny resemblance to Jocelyn Wildenstein). No, scary mask lady, you may not fill my cart with heavenly morsels of chocolatey peanut goodness!

One thing I will say, it’s a commercial that stays with you long after you finish watching. And, after all, isn’t grabbing and maintaining the viewer’s attention a hallmark of effective advertising?

Posted by Abby Steinbock