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Snowy Days

Snowy Days

As we all know, our great city was recently hit by a blizzard of historic proportions.  Now, let’s be real–we’re kinda used to it.  After all, it was just two years ago that Boston was boasting of having survived the largest blizzard since 1978…so when we heard reports of this one coming, many of us thought “we got this.” (BTW, ’78 was rough…)

1978blizzardImage source

And in all fairness, we did have this.  Most of us stocked up, stayed inside and rode it out while the rest of the country watched. However, for those of you that know me, you know that this time of the year is my absolute least favorite and snow is truly the bane of my existence…so the blizzard was a particularly trying time for me (I know how dramatic I sound but please bear with me). So I did what I always do during times of great distress: I turned to Buzzfeed. And to my surprise and delight I found this helpful guide to times when we all wish winter had a fast-forward button. Some of the most relatable times for me are…

When stairs become a treacherous death trap.

Image source

When Grandma asks you why you’re not wearing the nose warmer she made you.

enhanced-buzz-13862-1422302271-37Image source

When you step in a slush puddle and want to give up on life.

B8RkJMYCMAAUNpSImage source

When you notice you’re wearing six layers – indoors.

enhanced-3936-1422388158-10Image source

So while fast-forwarding winter isn’t really a possibility, it did help to know that others understand that the struggle is real. I’m sharing this in the hopes it will help some of my fellow New Englanders make it through the final stretch.  T minus 45 days to spring. And yes, I’m counting!

Posted by Gillian