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So Long Solo Dining

So Long Solo Dining

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Have you ever walked into a restaurant/bar planning to dine solo, only to make a beeline for the door before even reaching the host stand? ‘fess up, ladies, we’ve all been there. And according to just-launched site Invite For A Bite, even the most together, independent women have hang-ups about noshing sans partner. IFAB brings solace to female business travelers and sassy broads who vacation alone, serving as a meeting place for women to couple-up and make meal plans. Why only for the chicas? Owner Cressida Howard stresses that once you add men to the mix, sites tend to fall in the bucket of dating services.

I can totally get on board with spending quality time with myself over lunch to catch up on work/reading/correspondence, or parking it at an airport bar to knock back a few before boarding a flight, but striking out for a real, sit-down dinner for one? Maybe not so much.

Potential issues aside (awkward match-ups, different budgets/tastes, SAFETY), the concept seems like a boon for frequent female flyers and women who fear looking like spinsters or cougars.

Posted by Abby