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Social Style

Social Style

Image by Bauble Bar

I have ALWAYS wanted a personalized name plate necklace, and I can absolutely assure you I was lusting after one years before Carrie Bradshaw made it cool. My yearning for the necklace started in about 6th grade when my friend Lauren got one. For some reason, I never told my mom about this obsession, or asked for it as a birthday present (maybe because at the time it was a little “Jenny from the block,” but then again, so was I), but instead I would venture into Chinatown and go from hole-in-the-wall to hole-in-the-wall trying to bargain my way to an inexpensive necklace (my father would be proud!).

Now, many moons later, I still don’t have one — but I do have the chance to get ahead of the trend, once again! BaubleBar has just launched personalized Twitter handle name plates, which, let’s be honest, are pretty hilar/amaze. I’m not completely sold on getting one with my Twitter handle just yet (maybe if I had a cooler one, like ManRepeller), but if I actually had any sort of Twitter influence, I would absofuckinglutely get this for myself.

I guess it’s a good thing I waited to buy one of these — they’re only $88 and I remember them being muuuchhh more expensive in Chinatown…

Posted by Hannah