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Soft Spot for Squirrels? Look away…

Soft Spot for Squirrels? Look away…

WARNING: If you have a soft spot for squirrels, weasels or similar mammals please use cautionary discretion over both the written and visual content of this post.

Beverage koozies went out of style back in 1981, the same year they were invented, or wait…that’s right, they were never in style (just like your neon fanny pack). But now the Scottish brewery, BrewDog, has reinvented the former promotional gimmick into a soon to be PETA uproar.

BrewDog has released not only the world’s most expensive beer but also one with a seriously impressive alcohol content. Yep–get ready for a shocking 55% ABV (alcohol by volume) brew that costs $765.00 per 12oz. bottle. While expensive, you can justify the steep price for the beer because it comes with its own…wait for it…taxidermied small mammal beer koozie.

Appropriately named “The End of History” (more like the end of your history after consummation!), these limited edition bottles come in their own taxidermied squirrel or stoat (similar to a weasel). Before you drink up, be sure to thank the inventors for the high alcohol content; with any luck, it’ll help you forget the fact that you’re drinking out of a squirrel cadaver.

Posted by Shaina