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Some Pig! marlo marketing

Some Pig!

Image Source: Pavia Burroughs via Curbed

If you, too, were excited by the possibility of owning a giant pig-shaped couch for all of your quarantine lounging – hello, best friend! What’s not to love? The little wooden feet? The oink-able nose? The curled piggy tail? And all for only $250!

Alas – it’s not real. Well, the ad isn’t real. The couch is. But the chances that it’s located in a Manhattan apartment at the moment is slim. Not impossible, but slim. This couch is a one-of-a-kind senior thesis project by designer Pavia Burroughs, according to Curbed. Burroughs did sell it to someone on Craigslist for $500 (yep) in 2011. Ever since, this magical pig couch pops up in fake viral Craigslist ads across the U.S. with some quirky story attached to it (finally – a viral Facebook post we can all stand behind!). The most recent ad claims it is a “non-negotiable” for a new boyfriend. We say ditch the boyfriend, not the couch.

Not surprisingly there are a lot more gems on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace right now as we all clean out our homes-turned-schools-turned-offices. So scroll away, friends! You never know what gems you’ll find.

Posted by Molly