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Somebody Buy That Baby a Drink

Somebody Buy That Baby a Drink

Image source YouTube via Smithsonian Magazine

There are plenty of people who have crossed my mind with the thought “I wonder whatever happened to…” — high school frenemies, cute guys from my freshman dorm, long-lost cousins. But I forgot about the dancing baby from Ally McBeal a long time ago and never looked back. His moves were always a little too grown up and his skin had the uniquely cold glow of an old Windows graphic.

It turns out the baby grew up into a full-fledged human adult who drinks vodka and has named his price. Yep, the baby’s name is Dustin Mikulski, and he was roped into taking the part by his dad. Dustin was five (!) when he put on a bald cap and shimmied his way into prime time.

Where is “Baby Cha-Cha“ now? He’s backstage at a beach-side resort in SoCal, checking his email while he waits to do the routine that made him famous. He isn’t wearing a diaper. Dustin is living the dream… he’s a hype man! The crowd loves him! There are free drinks!

While there isn’t any mention of Dustin’s appearance fee, it seems like it’s a pretty good gig if you can get it. (Between you and me, I’m a little bit appalled and also a little bit jealous.) Who are the people who come out to see a grown-up baby do the cha-cha that made him famous 14 years ago? There’s not a meme – a word that gets thrown around by Dustin – in the world that could survive for that long.  I’m not sure whether this is nostalgia or pure kitsch, but either way, I wouldn’t mind capitalizing on it.

Speaking of nostalgia, enjoy your quick trip back to 1998, courtesy of Ally McBeal and Dustin “Baby Cha-Cha” Mikulski. Oh, baby.

Posted by Susannah