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“Sophisticated Comfort Food”: A Welcome Addition to the South End…

“Sophisticated Comfort Food”: A Welcome Addition to the South End…

Following in the footsteps and reputation of big sister, Stephanie’s on Newbury, Stephi’s on Tremont serves up “sophisticated comfort food” in a cozy South End space. With a warm décor, unintimidating menu and bustling bar area, it seems that the latest addition to Stephanie Sokolove’s culinary goldmine has all the necessary ingredients for a new neighborhood hangout.

Minus the abundance of tourists that frequent Sokolove’s Newbury Street joint, Stephi’s on Tremont is a mirror image of her big sister…tight indoor seating, $15 salads and a juicy burger with all the right fixings. While foodies typically shake their heads at Stephanie’s ‘chain-like’ menu creations, for the South End neighborhood, mac n’ cheese and meatloaf may arrive as a welcome change to Tremont Street’s restaurant row.

Let’s assess the neighborhood—Mela, authentic Indian cuisine; Metropolis, bistro fare; Thai Village, thai (obviously!); Hammersley’s & Aquitaine, French-inspired; The Butcher Shop and B&G Oysters, wonderments of Barbara Lynch with a price tag to match. So, what’s a South End resident to do when they’re craving classic, “I could almost make this myself, but it wouldn’t taste as good” cuisine? I think the answer is Stephi’s.

Since Stephi’s opened her doors during the first week of March, I’ve frequented the restaurant on two different weeknights. Both times it’s been packed (and we’re talking at 6:30pm, which tends to be on the early side for the city’s dinner crowd) and the service has been attentive. Before my soda was even empty, I had a new one awaiting me. The menu is small enough that you can easily make a choice but still feel like you have options, the portions are filling, and the wait staff is welcoming.

The restaurant certainly doesn’t attract the same eclectic clientele that former resident of the space, Garden of Eden, served for years, but somehow Stephi’s still fits the bill for a new neighborhood haunt. I often go out to dinner with my Dad, who tends to be on the picky side when it comes to food (we’re talking the kind of picky with no onions, substitute tomatoes for cucumbers, and salmon grilled extra well done with no seasonings) and he’s willingly suggested Stephi’s for a meal. For me, that in itself says it all.

If you’re looking to explore the diverse flavors of the South End, Stephi’s on Tremont may not be the choice for you. But if you happen to be in the neighborhood or you’re a South End resident who enjoys dining in an inviting atmosphere, this place has the perfect dose of liveliness and comfort to whet your appetite.

Posted by Alyssa