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Sorority Girl Thoughts: Get The F*&k Over It

Sorority Girl Thoughts: Get The F*&k Over It

I, my friends, am a sorority girl. I joined Delta Zeta my freshman year at University of Hartford and immersed myself in the bullsh!t and endless memories every sorority girl gushes about throughout their four years of college. I fought with my big, I found the perfect little, I almost dropped out, and I had the time of my life.

The above sentiments are all things you would hear from any sorority girl you talk to. Trust me when I say that there is only a small group of people that will try and tell you “I got into the sorority I wanted” and “there was absolutely no drama in our chapter.” In my opinion, they are lying through their teeth, but hey if that’s the reality you want to live in, c’est la vie.

Either way, the point of this is that I am a sorority girl, and I’m mad.

Since I graduated in 2013, I’ve come across far too many people that complain about sororities, yet know nothing about them. These people, I (not so fondly) refer to as GDI’s—God-damned independents.

Now I’m not saying that everyone doesn’t have a right to an opinion, because obviously we live in America and that’s a part of our daily human rights. HOWEVER, when your opinions turn into self-proclaimed facts and attack on the basic bitches of the world, I get mad.

Take University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi chapter and the recent “scandal” regarding their 2015 recruitment video. Many say that this video is “worse for women than Donald Trump” and goes against every fiber of the feminist movement that has been brewing. But coming from a sorority girl—the video is pretty sick.

Now I’m not going to lie here—the video IS filled with solely white, hot blondes with no apparent diversity, marketing their looks over personality. In all honesty, this was exactly the type of sorority that I didn’t want to join as I know for a FACT that some chick stood before her chapter saying things like “Shayla has the nicest butt so she gets to strut down the dock with our flag,” and “if you’re not in shape, you’re not getting air time,” but in all reality, if that’s how they want to market themselves, LET THEM DO IT. Because you know what? Every sorority would love to make a video like this. We all grew up watching Elle Woods conquer Harvard as a Delta Nu, so stop pretending that this video is some threat to society because it isn’t.

With that said, let’s all take a step back and think about the things that really matter in this world like global warming, the threat of guns in our society, hell even the 2016 race for president!

Get off the girls’ backs, and get a life. There are worse things.

Posted by Emily