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So…What’s All This About “The Dad Bod”?

So…What’s All This About “The Dad Bod”?

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I’m going to be honest – the only reason I’m bringing up this topic is because it’s currently blowing up my feed on all social channels, not because I have a strong opinion about it. Let’s talk about The Dad Bod.

For those who have avoided this recent phenomenon (like…how?), The Dad Bod is a body type that some guys have who are not quite fit, but not quite overweight. Kinda soft, kinda slim. Just chillin in between. The “I’m not going to try hard, because I don’t need a six pack to get laid” attitude. That, or their name is Leonardo DiCaprio.

For whatever reason, people are total Starks vs Lannisters on the subject. They either claim it’s an anti-feminist movement that should not be accepted OR the greatest thing since Scandal.

Here’s what the haters say:

  • DOUBLE STANDARD…HELLO? It doesn’t go both ways – if women adopted the “dad bod” they would immediately be considered unattractive.
  • Are women really that insecure? If they are, this isn’t helping anyone.


Here’s what the lovers say:

  • Yes, women are that insecure. And this totally is an ego boost. (Read: I want to be the hot one in the relationship)
  • Also, prime cuddling.


So what do I think? I’ll tell you – people need to chill the eff out. Just because I find Jason Segal sexy does NOT mean I’m only attracted to guys that reject the gym. You know what I mean?

Enough with the forums (yes, I’m a hypocrite), this topic got tired like….yesterday. Can we all get back to talking about things that matter? Like Bruce Jenner’s transformation or Chrissy Teigen?


Posted by Iman