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Image source: foodandwine.com

When my friend told me that she got a tattoo of a pineapple permanently engraved on her body, I told her she was crazy. A few years later and she agrees, it’s better to eat your food than to wear it (so proud of you girl!).

While I’ve seen avocado tats and such, I never knew that food tattoos were a thing or even a trend, if you will. But I guess I was being naïve because jumping on the bandwagon is Brooklyn-based Tattly who’s brought new classy temp tats (surprisingly not an oxymoron) to the market in the shape of….spices.

Not only are these tats in the shape of herbs, but they also smell like them too. Yep you can now walk around smelling like Parsley thanks to a new collab with French artist Vincent Jeannerot (dreams really do come true).

While I often make fun of silly trends (my mom always taught me never to say “stupid” and to say “silly” instead. I was a very silly kid…) on the m.blog, I do have to say the intricate watercolor designs are beautiful. Plus Mr. Jeannerot is legit, take a look at his Instagram account and see for yourself. Whether I want to walk around smelling of spices is debatable, but I’ll tip my hat to the artists behind Tattly for spicing up the temporary tat game.

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