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Let me start by making something perfectly clear: I HATE spiders. Sure, you do too, but not at this level. I was bit by a brown recluse spider (Google it, I dare you) while in Indiana for a swim meet as a teen and wound up with hallucinations and a spinal tap, not to mention the largest, nastiest looking bite you’ve ever seen. I’m getting queasy just thinking about it. No offense Indianans, but I will never be back, and spiders should think twice before messing with me again.

My intense animosity towards the eight-legged demons made some of the news I came across this week come as a bit of a shock. It’s certainly not every day that I appreciate the insect that had me hospitalized as a youngin’ (on the 4th of July no less), but it seems my arch enemies might actually work for good over evil once in a while.

Case in point: Hannah Wendt, an engineer from Germany, who’s been cooking up artificial skin for burn victims made of silk from none other than my creepy crawly foes. According to Fox, their silk is the toughest known natural material (who would’ve thought?), and its being put to good use. Although it will take some time and thorough testing before the skin replacement is put into use, we’re making some serious progress here. Spiders (or the scientists that rob them of their silk) are helping people beyond their routine bug catching? I never thought I’d see the day.

While my opinion of the little devils isn’t budging, I will admit that what I thought were good-for-nothing stomp-able monsters are, in fact, good for something. Still, they should stay far away from me if they know what’s good for them. My instinctive reaction is death by shoe.

Posted by Mary