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Spotify Wants to Serenade Your Pet marlo marketing

Spotify Wants to Serenade Your Pet

Image Source: Getty/InsideHook

In a brilliant marketing move to kick off the year, Spotify launched Pet Playlists, a feature that allows users to create – you guessed it – personalized playlists for their pets. According to Spotify, they “had a hunch” people played music for their pets, and decided to survey pet owners across the U.S., U.K., Australia, Spain and Italy to understand how they use the platform to keep their pets from getting lonely.

The results are probably not that surprising to anyone who’s ever had to leave their pup for a day’s work (and perhaps alarming to those who haven’t…). Over 70% of those surveyed by Spotify admitted to playing music for their pets, with eight in ten claiming their pets enjoy it. Most popular genre? Classical & soft rock. Need more proof? Type “Pets” into Spotify and you’ll find pre-made playlists with names like “DogDog Zen” and “Perfect Jazz for Pets.”

But what separates this new feature from “DogDog Zen” is Spotify’s commitment to personalization for the user (and in this case, their pet). Spotify Wrapped went viral in early December proving that people love sharing the top playlists, artists and podcasts unique to them. With Pet Playlists, Spotify takes a customer approach to get to know your animal friend. Sure, you start out choosing from dog, cat, iguana, hamster or bird. But from there, Spotify asks more personal questions – is your pet shy? Friendly? What’s his or her name? Upload a photo! All these details lend themselves to a personalized playlist for your pet and another reason to use Spotify over competing music streaming services.

Will you be creating a playlist for your pooch and how much of it will feature Snoop Dogg? Something to think about…

Posted by Kate