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 Spreading the Wealth

 Spreading the Wealth

For many of us, starting that first job out of college can be quite a milestone. Even more so,  getting your hands on that first paycheck is that real, true symbolization of all of your hard work thus far, built into one little slip of paper. Whether you’re splurging on an extravagant meal, treatin’ yo self to that venti pumpkin-spiced Starbucks mocha latte, or trying to impress your friends to an unaffordable (and regrettable) extent, there’s no guiltier pleasure than cashing that first check.

For Houston Texan rookie football player Deshaun Watson, however, that first paycheck meant everything to him and even more to someone else. Paycheck in hand, he walked right through the Houston stadium’s cafeteria and gifted his hard earned money to three very grateful cafeteria ladies, all of whom were hit by Hurricane Harvey and significantly impacted by its destruction.

Source: Twitter 

No, Deshaun was not concerned with flaunting his first cut from the NFL, but he took it to who needed it most. For most 22 year-olds that come out of a Division 1 school and actually make it to the pros, it may never be a thought (let alone reality) for them to donate their first ‘trophy’ paycheck. After helping to generate millions of dollars for Clemson University’s football program, Deshaun never saw a penny of it back. Yes, I’m aware that he will eventually accumulate many paychecks with each day that goes by as an NFL football player. Although, you can only receive your first ever paycheck once, and Deshaun gave it to the people that needed it more.

Relatively speaking, I could have technically afforded to donate my first paycheck, but I didn’t. It’s overwhelmingly joyful to see the impact that others are making, especially in the wake of horrible reoccurring natural disasters. Look at Deshaun’s fellow teammate JJ Watt; his original Harvey fundraising goal was set to $200,000 before quickly burying that and raising the whopping amount of $37+ MILLION.

It’s refreshing to see acts of kindness constantly happening all over the world. From donating money, volunteering, or even simply holding the door for a stranger, you may never realize how far your kindness can go.

Posted by Olivia