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Spritz Me Up

Spritz Me Up

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As someone who grew up in the coolest city in the US – Houston – where air conditioning is considered a fundamental human right, I’ve never been able to adjust  to the oppressive summer heat and humidity of my AC-free pre-war Boston apartments. After logging countless sticky hours on the porch and rigging up one too many elaborate fan setups, I’ve decided to do the civilized, rational thing. I’ve given up and started making cocktails.

I’m a negroni gal myself, but it’s too damn hot to be persnickety about ratios and an eyeballed negroni with too much vermouth is a beastly thing. Plus I don’t have a cocktail shaker and drinks mixed in a French Press just don’t get cold enough! Take my word for it.

Now that the Olympics are on inside, an easy, refreshing cocktail is more crucial than ever. Enter the Aperol Spritz, a tall pour of Prosecco, soda and Aperol on the rocks that Venetians and tourists really love. The 3:2:1 ratio (bubbly, Aperol and soda respectively) is more forgiving than a negroni. I just make mine in the glass like this guy. I also use a chopstick or a knife to mix everything up, but I don’t think that necessarily adds to the experience. I skip the orange slice, too.

A spritz takes the edge off of the heat without being too boozy or sweet, so you can drink them all afternoon. It makes things okay on a hot day and it makes the Olympics even better. So next time your friend tries to ruin your primetime Olympics viewing experience with live results he saw on ESPN earlier that day, stay calm and pour yourself a spritz. It’s going to be okay.

Posted by Susannah