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Starbucks Takes on La Boulange

Starbucks Takes on La Boulange

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My morning routine consists of a couple different steps. Wake up, brush hair, eat half a bagel, grab my laptop and off to Starbucks! Yes, like billions of other people, almost every day I stop by the jolly green mermaid.

Recently Starbucks began offering a new line of food products called La Boulange, after the San Francisco-based French pastry shop that Starbucks acquired in 2012.

I must admit, the pastries looked good, but not great. I hate to be a Negative Nelly, but I just don’t understand why Starbucks feels the need be something that they’re not. Any chain that has a location on every block is not meant to sell something that is supposedly a “French” treat. The pastry shops in France pride themselves on spending hours on their scones and croissants. They aren’t sent over frozen and reheated at a million different Starbucks (I’m just assuming this is how La Boulange is done). La Boulange’s slogan is, “Wholesome, delicious, warm, authentic.” I’m sorry, but I beg to differ.

Wholesome? I don’t think that word means what you think it does, unless you count reprocessed calories with a million preservatives wholesome. Delicious? Not sure on that one – I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure it is delicious enough. Warm? Do you mean microwaved? Authentic? This is the one I really struggle with. I just feel like something truly authentic would not be served on every corner in America.

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To be fair, take all of this with a grain of salt. I haven’t actually tried one of these pastries but I can say that if I do, my standards will be very low (so realistically they should probably taste pretty good). I guess all I’m trying to say is: Starbucks, just do you. You make coffee, and you’re very good at it. In fact, I love you for it. And sometimes, that’s enough.

 Posted by Kelsey