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Starships Were Meant for Delivery marlo marketing starships

Starships Were Meant for Delivery

Image Source: @StarshipsDelivery 

Have you ever gone to order eight dollars worth of takeout and been appalled to see the total cost with fees and delivery come to $34.26?! Well, maybe it’s time to change that. You’ve heard of Uber Eats and Postmates, but have you seen this Wall-E style delivery service on wheels? Starship launched in 2014 and has tested out services in about 100 cities, and recently, on college campuses. In participating locations you can download the Starship Deliveries app, pay the $1.99 delivery fee and have a meal on the way in 15 minutes. Best part — you don’t need to tip the robot, as long as you are within a two to three mile radius of participating stores and robots.

Sure, they may be making us a bit more lazy, but Starships are really taking food delivery to a whole new level. Starship Robots are an environmentally friendly, cheaper, and convenient alternative to delivery drivers. College campuses are the perfect place to test the service, with the perfect customers who will also engage as brand ambassadors. The remote-controlled robots can be seen around Ole Miss, George Mason University, Purdue and the University of Wisconsin campuses, just to name a few. See for yourself below how they can cross the road, drive up sidewalks and deliver up to 20 pounds of meals, groceries or packages.

Basically pedestrians, these robots move down the sidewalk with the help of a robot operator. The use of mobile and autonomous technology makes them similar to the self-driving cars we have heard so much about. All robots are equipped with cameras and sensors to ensure your delivery is safe from getting stolen. Just find the robot outside and unlock it using the app to get your morning Starbucks or afternoon pizza! I, for one, could get used to seeing these scoot around downtown Boston!

Posted by Michelle