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Stop Feeling Guilty About Guilty Pleasures

Stop Feeling Guilty About Guilty Pleasures

Whoever coined the phrase “dumb bunny” must’ve met my dim rabbit, Bella.

For those who don’t know, rabbits are vegetarians. Does that stop Bella from sneaking out of her cage to stuff her face with chicken-flavored cat food in the kitchen on a semi-regular basis? Absolutely not.

I used to freak myself out by reading online forums where people like HoppyFeet63 cited cat food as the cause of sending their bunnies to the “big field in the sky”, but Bella was always completely fine afterwards. So, reminiscent of any parent who finds out it’s not going to kill their child to eat something off the floor, I let myself breathe and just hoped she’d figure out on her own that it made her feel sick.

However, I had an old-school freak out recently when I came home to find Bella sitting in my brother’s room, eating his Halloween candy. Mind you – bunnies aren’t blessed with opposable thumbs, so taking a page from the Native Americans who didn’t waste any part of the buffalo, Bella ate that $h^t plastic wrapper and all.

I don’t care how much you know about bunnies at this point – plastic is not meant for snacking.

But guess what? She’s fine.

In the famous words of Elle Woods, I have a point, I promise.

Watching Bella survive her indulgences made me take a step back and remember something that I think many of us forget: moderation is key, and indulging in our guilty pleasures once in a while is really ok.

I’m talking to the sad souls who haven’t let themselves eat fries or bread in five years. Being fixated or obsessed with your health is ironically unhealthy. Don’t you know it’s the dosage that makes the poison? As long as you’re conscious of how often you’re having unhealthy food and making better choices in between, you’re more likely to stay happy, healthy and sane.










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Here’s a different perspective for you about moderation and portion control: people inject botulinum toxin (i.e. actual poison, i.e. Botox) into their faces and still live to tell the tale. The dosage and frequency of how often they subject their mug to the toxin has everything to do with their results: too much and they can kiss facial expressions goodbye, but once or twice might help them feel more secure.

All I’m trying to say is have a cheeseburger once in a while and enjoy the fact that it’s healthy to indulge, like right now Holiday-style! You can find me at the dessert buffet, Bella by my side.

Posted by Arielle.