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Image Source BBC

To combat the increase in consumerism, researchers in Scotland are working on a solution that will make shoppers really stop and consider their purchases before swiping their card. Introducing, the bitchiest bag ever… a brown leather handbag that can detect when the carrier removes her credit card, designed by Students at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design at the University of Dundee. That act of removing your card triggers a messaging response, including phrases like “Do you really need this?” or “Don’t you think that’s a bit much?”

Sweet sound system.

According to the students, the purpose of the project wasn’t for mass-production but to share their message about “design activism” and social improvement. Nice try, ladies, but I’m not buying it. First off, part of adulthood is making decisions about how you spend your money. People should be savvy enough to determine the necessity of a new purchase on their own. Second, who would want to carry their lamest friend around on their shoulder when they hit the stores this season? Major shopping #buzzkill.

Believe me, I know I have a shopping problem. And honestly, do I REALLY NEED another little black dress for my upcoming Holiday party? Probably not. But I know for sure that I’ll get enough flak at home about it, and there are no batteries sold separately for that.


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