Stormy With A Chance of… Tom Brady?

The Donald Trump—Stormy Daniels saga has been an interesting situation for our country. Beyond the obvious issue with the leader of the free world (allegedly) having an affair with a porn star and then paying her off to be quiet about it, it seems like every week there is a new development in the scandal. Most recently, Stormy Daniels went on The View with her lawyer to share the sketch of the man who threatened her to “leave Mr. Trump alone” in 2011.

Seems like having a sketch would be helpful evidence in identifying who this mystery man could be, except for the fact that the sketch has an uncanny resemblance to a certain five-ring quarterback. The internet had a field day, naturally.

But Tom Brady wasn’t the only fella dragged into this, as it seems the sketch is pretty much ambiguous for any handsome man with a strong jaw and luscious locks, like so:

The world may never know, but until then, I’ll surely enjoy the speculation.

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