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Stylish Winos, Behold the Wine Purse

Stylish Winos, Behold the Wine Purse

As a newly legal college student, I’ve spent my share of time exploring the variety of cheap booze options out there. Burnett’s Vodka is a sure hit at $8.00 a liter, but I usually opt for the always-classy boxed wine. At about $12.00 a box, it’s cheap, tasty, and lasts through weeks of my social life. Those puppies hold five liters for goodness sake!

My bulky rectangular boxes of Franzia, however, are not the most portable. You gotta do what you gotta do, but I look like a total idiot pulling the inner bladder-like bag of fluid from my purse to refill my glass. So when I came across the Vanity Case, a purse-shaped box of wine by Le Lys, it seemed as if my prayers had been answered.

Available online for $24.96, it’s a little pricier (and definitely better quality) than my typical Franzia selection, but carrying my vino like a purse is much more appealing than attempting to lug it in my purse. These cute cases hold three liters of liquid and are equipped with a plastic handle for easy transportation. Genius.

If I’m lucky enough to find one of these drinkable accessories at the store, you better believe I’ll be rockin’ it this weekend.

Posted by Mary