Summertime PSA

Not sure if this is common news or what, but I recently discovered that there’s a clever little upgrade available at Dairy Queen that will take your blizzard to the next level. I am a forever fan of the iconic DQ blizzard, but sometimes feel like there’s just not enough candy/add-ins included in there.

Image Source: Eat This, Not That (Disclaimer: this site would definitely not approve of the following life hack)

But, on my last trip to DQ, one of my friends ordered her blizzard with “extra stuff.” What does that entail, you ask? Well let me tell you, “extra stuff” means exactly how it sounds – YOU GET EXTRA STUFF IN YOUR BLIZZARD (for a small upcharge)! So simple, yet so mind blowing!

If you’re one of the blessed individuals who knew about this little secret, please carry on. For those who I’ve enlightened, you’re welcome. Happy summer.

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