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Super Bowl Shmuper Bowl – Did You See the Commercials?!

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Super Bowl Shmuper Bowl – Did You See the Commercials?!

Image Source: Maxim

I get it, I get it, Boston LOVES their Patriots. But want to know something people love even more than seeing Tom Brady win for the 3,578th time in a row? The commercials!

The Super Bowl for many is just another reason to gather your friends, drink on a Sunday and count down the minutes (or quarters) until the halftime show is live. Ever heard the joke, “What teams are playing at the Maroon 5 concert this year?”

Well, word on the street is that CBS picked up on the anticipation around the game-day commercials and billed more than $5 million for each 30-second spot (we think it’s worth every penny).

The hype was real, and it’s safe to say they knew exactly what the people wanted…

Cute fluffy Golden Retriever? They’ve got you covered.

Video Source: YouTube 

Sex and the City throwback? Yup, got that too.

Video Source: YouTube

A duet between Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys that we didn’t know we needed but now can’t imagine living without? See below.

Video Source: YouTube 

And a grand finale with America’s modern-day sweetheart Cardi B? Okurrrr.

Video Source: YouTube

Point is – Super Bowl Shmuper Bowl. I’m in it for the commercials.

Posted by Carolyn