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Super Bowl XLIX: Memoirs of a PR/Advertising Girl

Super Bowl XLIX: Memoirs of a PR/Advertising Girl

I’m going to be completely honest with all of you—I don’t give a sh!t about football. While some girls grew up as tomboys loving to watch games and play flag football in gym, young Emily would rather sit on the sidelines and paint her nails. I have never categorized myself as Sporty Spice nor would I ever pretend to. I was and am a girly girl, take it or leave it.

The one day of the year that I DO go out of my way to “watch” football is on Super Bowl Sunday. Armed with chips, dip, beer and questions like “what does off sides mean?,” “why does he say ‘Omaha’?,” “what is a special team?,” I find myself looking forward to the 10 minute intervals of… you guessed it—the commercial breaks!

Being the PR and Advertising graduate that I am, the Super Bowl (to me) is a time that ad agencies around the country show off their months of hard work and level of creativity in 15, 30 and 60 second spots, giving me a time to watch, laugh, judge, and/or cry over them. I’ve compiled my top 10 favorites from the past few years and will definitely be watching for new clever commercials this year.

And as they say in New England, “GO PATS!”

Snickers, 2010. Because it’s f$#king Betty White.

Volkswagen, 2011. Because I’m a nerd at heart and may or may not whisper “Luke, I am your father” to my dog whose name is not Luke.

Old Spice, 2010. Because I studied how this commercial was made in my Ad class and Isaiah Mustafa is yummy.

Bridgestone, 2011. Because we’ve all accidentally hit reply all. And this Condé Nast email chain. Lolz.

Budweiser, 2013. Because it might’ve made me cry, and it’s a classic.

Sprint, 2006. Because I snorted the first time I watched this and it is super old school.

M&Ms, 2012. Because I love what commercials came out of this 30 second spot.

Honda, 2012. Because I’m a HUGE fan of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. HA!

CareerBuilder, 2007. Because I wish I could party with monkeys

GoDaddy, 2013. Because I still—to this day—do not know what GoDaddy does.

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