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True Life: I Love Super Paper Mario

True Life: I Love Super Paper Mario

It all began when I bought my boyfriend the Nintendo Wii for his birthday. When purchasing this video game system, I had no intention of playing anything but a match of interactive tennis once in a blue moon. Well, I was wrong.

I admit, back in the day, I was an awesome Nintendo player. I’m talking old school Mario and Duck Hunt where, on sick days from school, I’d save the princess time after time. But alas, I grew up and left my school girl Mario days behind.

At some point, I am sure I mentioned my childhood love for Mario to my boyfriend, but I was completely shocked when he surprised me with Super Paper Mario for the Wii. To be honest, at first I wasn’t really into the idea of playing a video game, even if it was Mario. I’ve seen the type of girls who work at Game Stop and they’re definitely not like me (no offense, but the new XBOX Call of Duty game doesn’t quite excite me like a new pair of shoes!). I didn’t want to be a labeled a video game nerd, but after some contemplation, I caved and gave it a trial run. It couldn’t hurt, right?

After getting over the initial 2-D/3-D quality and updated character visuals, I fell right back into my childhood days of collecting hidden coins, jumping on the evil turtles and, of course, stocking up on ‘extra lives’ or as they call it in Super Paper Mario, ‘extra HP’. It’s just like old school Mario, but better…much better!

Super Paper Mario is divided into 32 levels within 8 chapters, each one bringing you closer to saving the universe. Forget saving the Princess in the dungeon…this is the real deal with multiple ‘bad guys’ and endless treasures to uncover. The most unique part of Super Paper Mario is that over time you acquire additional characters and pixis to aid you in your quest to beat the game. It keeps you intrigued because you’re constantly strategizing on how you can beat each level and move on to the next. What’s interesting about this game is how it can provide both children and adults with entertainment; tailoring the game to meet their reflective needs and intellects. The game is witty; incorporating a ton of adult humor that would fly right over a kid’s head. I’m constantly finding myself thinking, “Did they really just write that!?”

Now, listen, don’t get me wrong. I don’t recommend rushing to the store and buying Super Paper Mario. However, if you did enjoy playing Mario when you were younger and are looking for a fun, yet challenging, activity, this game can help bring out your inner child and give your brain a workout! Oh and the best part? Back in the day when you couldn’t google ‘game spoilers’, you were on your own to beat each level. Today, a ton of websites exist to offer up secret codes and hints for each chapter of the game (and yes, I know this because I’ve done it…I cheat…go ahead Game Stop girl, judge me).

I guess you never know what part of your childhood will follow you to adulthood….better watch out for those skeletons in the closet!

Posted by Alyssa