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Suri’s First Day of School

Suri’s First Day of School

Last week, everyone’s favorite celebrity child, Suri Cruise, attended her first day of school at the New Village Leadership Academy in Calabasas, California. Since we all know that kids are a cruel beast, it’s a good thing NVLA was Suri’s top choice to rock her toddler heels and bright red lipstick and bear the burden of her parents’ tabloid fodder lives. Not only was the school founded by rumored scientologists (and besties of Tom and Katie) Will and Jada Smith, it also has many ties to the absurd “religion”—scientologists on staff and a penchant for using the “Study Technology” method in its teachings, a method developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Which begs the question: In a sea of crazies, is little Suri even going to make a splash?

We can’t be sure, but if there’s anywhere Suri will voice her frustrations about her kindergarten teacher telling her she can’t wear full makeup to school or her mom Katie insisting on accompanying her into the classroom, it’s in Suri’s Burn Book. By far one of the more entertaining Tumblrs out there, Suri’s Burn Book is a hilarious take on celebrity children and fashion through the eyes and mouth of precocious Miss Cruise.


Posted by Amelia