Sushi…at Your Fingertips

When four o’clock comes around, I dream of one thing in particular. Most people would presume it would be leaving work—no, no, no! Food is, in fact, the correct answer. I am the type of person who is always thinking about her next meal and what amazing concoction I can cook up in my apartment. I envision freshly-grilled salmon, perfectly-frosted cupcakes…anything and everything that a taste bud could possibly desire. Well, Etsy and Sofia of SouZou Creations have made my crazy foodie dreams come true at any time of the day.

Her collection features three-dimensional rings adorned with sushi rolls, hot chocolate with whipped cream, donuts, and even a platter of hot dogs and hamburgers! Every palate, whether healthy or indulgent, can be satisfied by these adorable rings. Just looking at them makes my mouth begin to water! I know that the one-time $15 investment can help save me some serious cash (and some serious weight gain) on my impulse snack buying after leaving the office. (Goodbye Pinkberry!) All I will need to do is look down at my hand to find my next delectable dream!

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