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Sweatable Edibles

Sweatable Edibles

Although my mother is one of the baby boomer generation, she’s a sucker for all things blog. My sister and I — as well as the entirety of our family tree — often fall victim to unsolicited forwards of “interesting” tidbits from one of her many subscriptions. At the very least, I try to amuse my dear mum by opening the email for a quick skim.

One of her recent fascinations was an article titled “Men smell of cheese and women of onions” from the New Scientist blog. Upon reading the subject line I groaned but decided to read on nonetheless.

According to a 2009 study by some Swiss perfume researchers — apparently “armpit” is the new patchouli — the sweaty stench of each sex is chemically comparable to these respective foods. Basically, when women stink it up, we release a compound that smells like onion when combined with a bacteria that’s found in our pits. Fajitas, anyone?

Man stench, on the other hand, is of the dairy variety. When exposed to the same underarm bacteria, the result was a “cheesy odour” (yes, Brits blog, too) due to a high concentration of a certain fatty acid. Stinky cheese = stinky feet…I’ll pass on the brie.

So, the next time you decide to frequent a cheese and wine fête or pile relish and onions on your juicy Fenway Frank, you can thank our friends in Geneva for permanently polluting our affinity for these deliciously smelly foods.

Posted by Liza