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Table for Zero marlo marketing. Ghost Restaurants

Table for Zero

Image Source: RestaurantDive via Uber Eats

It’s no surprise that the digital age is evolving the way we shop, talk, eat and live. Technological advances are catered to our desires for a more convenient lifestyle, while providing us with more options.

With an ever-expanding list of online platforms and apps, getting what we need, when we need it, becomes basically effortless. These platforms also allow for brands to collect personal and behavioral data that help marketers retain customers and attract new ones.

One trend becoming more prevalent in the foodservice space is ghost restaurants. Ghost restaurants are essentially virtual restaurants that rely on online orders and a delivery service. They offer a more diverse menu while operating with a smaller staff and lower monthly bills. With a business model where people are only ordering takeout and delivery, who needs tables and fancy decorations on the walls? Because these virtual restaurants can’t rely on foot traffic to get people to order from them, they have to change the way they market themselves and rely on a strong online presence. As a result of this, much of their customer base tend to be young adults.

There is little doubt that the trend of ghost restaurants will continue to expand given how profitable they have been thus far. This is the wave of the future, where time waiting for food is a nuisance of the past and everything you want and need is literally at your fingertips!

Posted by Lucy