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Taco Hell

Taco Hell

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As a lean, mean high school student, I capped my evenings working at an ice cream stand with stealthy trips past the drive through window to pick up my favorite fast-food fixes before bed. We’re talking 10 PM McChickens, Rodeo Burgers and (my then favorite), Crunch Wrap Supremes. I kid you not, my stomach is in knots just thinking about it.

Luckily for my arteries, all those late-night Taco Bell runs led to a major fast food aversion and today, the thought of meat from any of the above destinations makes me want to vom.

But enough about pink slime; let’s discuss the good news. In an effort to convince national fast food chains to offer their vegan meat substitutes, faux chicken and beef maker, Beyond Meat, popped up with a healthy, vegan Taco Bell lookalike (cleverly dubbed Taco Beyond) in the middle of California’s Natural Products Expo last week.

The pop up shop served meat-free versions of Taco Bell classics and asked diners to pose for photos in front of a giant backdrop that not so subtly asked Taco Bell to introduce their plant-based alternatives. And did I mention the pop-up counter looked exactly like a classic Taco Bell?

Well played, Beyond Meat. While the Taco Bell execs have yet to comment on the vegan company’s clever PR stunt, it sure is fun to watch all the #TacoBeyond fans supporting the meatless alternative on Twitter.

Hey, if nothing else, maybe Beyond Meat will be my ticket back into the (plant-based) fast food world.

Posted by Mary