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Take a Cue from Montreal, Winter Doesn’t Have to Mean Dressing Like This

Take a Cue from Montreal, Winter Doesn’t Have to Mean Dressing Like This

Despite five frigid winters spent in Montreal during university (yes, that fifth year was a victory lap), winter remains my most favorite of all the seasons. Maybe it’s because the winters here in Boston are milder than their Canadian counterparts. Case in point: I don’t see any kids around this city sitting in class in long underwear after trudging to campus in a snowsuit. (That only happened once; by my second year I was smart enough to layer leggings and tights under jeans).

Nevertheless, as soon as it’s socially acceptable to break out the wool without looking like an insane person with seasonal/temperature issues, you can find me ensconced in one from my endless stable of winterwear choices. Disclaimer: Yes, I have an obsession with coats. And I can trace this obsession back to my years in Canada, where outerwear is sometimes your first and only impression. And in Montreal, the unspoken motto seems to be “It may be so bone-chillingly cold that you don’t want to leave the house, but if you’re going to, you better make an effort.” Where others may see 20-below temps as a reason to forgo fashion for function, Montrealers see it as an opportunity to break out the stylish layers, cute hats and gloves. Nowhere else can you find a more beautifully-outfitted (and surprisingly warm) group of people.

So before you reach for the North Face this winter, take a page from your friendly neighbors up north, who manage to look chic despite the arctic temperatures. While the ‘Randy-from-A Christmas Story’* look is cute (see above), we hear it’s a bitch when you gotta pee.

*As much as I despise this movie (yet seem to watch it at least once every year during the holidays), I’m intrigued to learn A Christmas Story is now a Broadway musical.

Posted by Amelia