Take a Stand for Neighborhood Lemonade Stands

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

And if you’re going to make lemonade, you might as well host a lemonade stand.

That is – until you get hit with a citation and fine for not having the proper permits and business licenses. Across the country, kids who have been selling lemonade to fundraise for charity, save up for waterpark trips and collect money to be able to buy their dad a gift for Father’s Day have had their stands shut down because they didn’t have permits or health department approvals. Ouch.

But kids, don’t you worry because now you can request some legal aid – nay, Legal-Ade – to get justice for your case and lemonade stand.

Image Source: @CountryTime on Twitter

Country Time, the lemonade brand, is “taking a stand for lemonade stands” by offering reimbursements of up to $300 to mini-entrepreneurs who were fined in 2017 or 2018 for their lemonade stands, or who have had to purchase a permit for 2018. In addition to awarding up to $60,000 to bail lemonade stand owners out this year, Country Time is donating $1 for every retweet of its #SaveLemonadeStands video, up to $500,000, to protect kids’ rights to run a lemonade stand next year and beyond. (So far, it’s at about 94,000 RTs, so keep retweeting!)

So support your local small (kid-sized) business — when the kids on your block open up shop to offer you a nice refreshing cup of lemonade this summer, stick it to the man and buy one!

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