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Unless you were blessed by the roommate gods, chances are you’ve dealt with your fair share of annoying roommates, or even great roomies with mildly annoying habits (if you haven’t you might want to double check that it isn’t you). While many bright-eyed college freshmen think that cohabitating is going to be a breeze, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. While I’m sure I have faults, there are some things I just wouldn’t do. Honestly – who leaves a plate with a half-eaten bagel in the shower? Or throws undies on their roomies bed? (They have laundry baskets for that.)

Of course I’ve never had to deal with anything of the sort – my roommates are perfect! But for those who have encountered awful roomies, dealing with their irritating behavior can be incredibly frustrating. If you hear where I’m coming from, you know that sometimes it’s necessary to get a little passive-aggressive (or just plain aggressive). So in this case, forget about taking the high road and find some help (and humor) in this guide of how to combat common roommate offenses:

She’s a mooch: Ever wonder why your food seems to disappear before you’ve even taken a bite? Or why your beauty products seem to dissipate before your very eyes? (There’s no way I’ve used that much self-tanner!) These are all signs of a mooching roommate. While you can try to stockpile cosmetics and non-perishable foods in a secret hiding place, it’s hard to hide items in the community fridge. At this point, it’s often helpful to lead by intimidation.

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She’s noisy: Forgotten what it feels like to hear your own thoughts? Can’t remember the last time you had some peace and quiet? You’re dealing with a noisy roommate. If she’s constantly on the phone, singing along to T. Swift, and inviting your entire campus over to watch the Jersey Shore premiere, you can hide her phone, throw her speakers out the window, and lock the door when she invites people over, or leave a subtle suggestion to keep it down.

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She’s messy: Your room looks like a bomb hit it. Her clothes are all over her bed and the floor (sometimes even on your bed), dishes are left in the sink for days on end, and her side of the room smells like gym socks and garlic. You can gather her dirty dishes in a trash bag and leave it as a gift on her bed, or make it impossible for her to forget her chores.

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She’s a thief: If you’ve ever “lost” your favorite necklace, or can’t seem to remember where you put that new shirt (which you haven’t worn yet) only to have it magically pop back into your closet after a day or two, you’re dealing with a thieving roommate. Don’t accuse the thief of her crime (awkward!).  Instead, leave a gentle reminder that your closet is full of your belongings.

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She wakes you up: Whether from snoring, a blaring alarm clock, or turning on an overhead light, being awoken even 5 minutes before you have to get up is a major pain. You can either slip your roomie some nasal spray, turn off their alarm the night before (if questioned, you know nothing), and purchase her a small reading lamp to use, or leave a friendly reminder that you need your beauty sleep.

Image source PassiveAggressiveNotes.com

She’s cold-blooded: It’s natural to want to conserve energy, and be wary of the cost of utilities. But living with several different body temperatures under one roof can make it difficult to keep everyone comfortable. My suggestion? Keep the temperature at an average setting – if you’re hot, open a window. If you’re cold, put on some clothes. But in case this novel idea is lost on your roomie, it’s also helpful to leave a reminder.

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And if all else fails? Move out, and don’t forget to warn the future inmate roommate.

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