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Take it Easy, Cowboy

Take it Easy, Cowboy

Image source The Big Lead

Greg Hardy, defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys, is returning to the field after a 4-game suspension for domestic assault charges. His punishment was doled out after allegedly throwing and threating to kill his former girlfriend in 2014. (How sweet…)

Hardy’s return to the Cowboy’s stadium following his suspension concluded with a press conference, during which he made it clear he’s an even bigger idiot that we all thought. Rather than play it cool, talk about football or even show remorse for his behavior, Hardy opted to talk about… Gisele Bundchen? When asked about the upcoming game against New England, Hardy said “I love seeing Tom Brady. He’s cool as crap. You seen his wife? I hope she comes to the game. I hope her sister comes to the game, all her friends come to the game.”

Hey, Hardy! The field is the other way…

His inappropriate comments gave many people a bad taste in their mouth, but Tom Brady responded like a boss (as usual). Brady answered a couple questions about the upcoming game, but wrapped it up quickly, saying, “I’m done. Have work to do.” #DoYourJob

I guess it’s really no surprise that Hardy made such bizarre comments. Following the interview, the Cowboy’s owner, Jerry Jones, kept the professionalism at an all-time low by saying “Tom Brady went up 100 levels in my book when he married Gisele.” Great perception, fellas!  Anyone can see that Gisele is gorgeous, but seriously… take it easy, Cowboys.


Posted by Hillary.