Taking Celebrity Death A Little Too Seriously…

Natasha RichardsonCelebrities fascinate me—I love celebrity blogs, I love trashy magazines like Star and US Weekly—however, most recently I find myself getting a little too personal with Hollywood. It first started when Heath Ledger passed away. I was so distraught, honestly, you would have thought it was my best friend. I called my mom in a panic and with a shaky voice said, “I can’t believe this happened!” For days it was all I spoke about.

So, here we are a year later and I am over Heath’s death but last week news of Natasha’s Richardson’s sudden death after a ski accident sent me in the same tail spin. I first read the news on gossip blog, bricksandstonesgossip.com (one of my favorites!). From there I moved to more reliable news sources and by the time I went to the gym after work it was confirmed that she had passed away. While truly tragic, I don’t think the tears I shed were appropriate. After all, I didn’t know Natasha, or Liam or their two sons, but a huge part of me was extremely sad.

So, is this a problem I should be concerned about? Am I taking celebrities’ lives too seriously? Or, is it just that we are becoming a society so focused on celebrities that sometimes we forget that we don’t actually know these people?

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