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Talk About a Dirty Martini…

Talk About a Dirty Martini…

Many hip and exciting trends are often posted here on I will be upfront with you: this is probably one you won’t want to follow. Over a casual dinner my friends and I were discussing parties and drinking. One of my friends has a sister in high school, so she shared the new “it” thing those crazy kids are doing. Apparently, teenage girls are using their feminine products as intoxication devices. Yes, you heard me correctly. Just a little soak in a cocktail of choice along with a routine insertion and you’ve got yourself a drunk and vulnerable high school girl.

Now, a sane person would probably assume there is some sort of magical new drunk one must achieve from this “non-traditional” way of imbibing, or at least a legitimate benefit. Well, you’d be wrong. Unfortunately, this gives you the same old drunk you get using a boring ol’ glass. Perhaps you’re thinking: “I bet this will help me pass a breathalyzer test.” Nope, sorry. A breathalyzer test detects the alcohol content in your bloodstream, even if the alcohol was not chugged through your mouth. And for folks who have to go home to a parent or SO who might unapprove of the smell of alcohol on one’s breath…don’t even go there…a stick of peppermint gum is all that takes.

However absolutely disgusting this practice may be, you gotta hand it to these girls for their creativity, but come on… Oy, kids these days!

(Oh, and boys, if you’re feeling left out, you can do it, too. I’ll give you a couple of seconds to digest that.)

Posted by Carly