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Talk About Hoe Farming!

Talk About Hoe Farming!

What with the Iranian upheaval, Boston’s racist Po Po, the divisive healthcare debate and generally ongoing economic doom n’ gloom, one international news topic has gotten pushed to the back burner: the dehydrated state of India. This year, the country has suffered its worst start to the vital monsoon season in almost 100 years, reported Reuters. From the waterlogged, summer-starved Bostonian’s perspective, we’d gladly overlook agricultural apocalypse for a dry, hot, sunny day…however, not so much in India. Refusing to accept Mother Nature’s lack of cooperation, Indian farmers have taken matters into their own hands. Well, not really their own, but rather those of their unmarried daughters.

Baring it all, these daughters have taken to the fields just after sunset, plowing the soil buck-ass naked while chanting ancient hymns in an effort to embarrass the weather gods into delivering much-needed monsoon rains. According to a village council official in the remote East Indian town of Banke Bazaar, “This is the most trusted social custom in the area, and the villagers have vowed to continue this practice until it rains very heavily.”

Meaning no disrespect to my South Asian counterparts…really?! Any rational person can see that chanting naked Indian farm girls can’t really affect weather patterns. However, I assume rational thinking plays little to no part in rituals of this nature. Imagine if this were successful though. Al Gore would be out of a job and our good friends over at the Foxy Lady would have their work cut out for them, globetrotting in the buff to combat environmental and weather disasters. El Nino, Katrina’s descendants, tsunamis be gone! All joking aside, I have to give them credit. All we do on the East Coast when the weather sucks is bitch and moan about it; I don’t see any of us out there shakin’ our money makers for a little sun.

And to think I used to complain when my father would make me weed once or twice a summer – talk about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes! “Honey, the sun’s about set…”

Posted by Sam